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Radna's artwork is an abstract representation of many things from past and present: the beauty of the Kalmyk steppes of her childhood and her current home in the Rockies, the dark history of the Kalmyk people exiled for 13 years during the Stalin Regime and her experience of being an immigrant. Radna believes in the resilience of humanity. She hopes her work opens your heart and inspires you to keep moving forward.

Radna Segal was born in 1991 in an ethnically diverse area of Southern Russia called Kamykia, where she was influenced by both Asian and European cultures. Her work has been shown in NYC, Boulder, Madrid, Uruguay and Dubai.
Her textural, three-dimensional paintings feature dynamic composition and various experimental materials like plaster, foil, paint, glitter, and beads which create organic movement inspired by nature. Within her pieces, she uses an ancient, rare, and ornate Mongolian writing called “clear script,” that very few in the world know how to create.

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